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Need Tips to Design Or Remodel A Fireplace?

Consider Using Brick Veneers And Faux Bricks.

Whether you’re interested in a totally new fireplace, check into the many new faux products on the market such as brick veneers to generate an awesome looking faux stone fireplace. It’s a great alternative option to the traditional and unreliable real brick look. Many homeowners have preferred Stone Panels, Stone Siding, Stone Veneer, Rock Panels, Dry Stack, and Decorative Molding to avoid expensive masonry work and frustrating installations.

Both stone and brick veneer panels are created for interior and exterior use. They are simple to install and they work extremely well over existing surfaces like old bricks, wood, wall framing plus much more. These products are a great option to spruce up the fireplace and give it that revitalizing the look and textured feel.

There are various products and companies offering different levels of quality for his or her products. The best idea would be to gather different samples, compare, and contrast before making a large purchase. There is no need to save some money to get a product that looks fake. Serious companies offer a rebate for your sample orders to customers.

Some advantages of using brick veneers and faux brick products on the fireplace are that it is very cost-saving, by avoiding expensive labor and sub-par preparation. Anyone can install the panels or pay much less to get a contractor to help with the fireplace. Only basic carpenter’s tools are needed for assembly and placement. The outcome will surprise you how realistic the bricks look and how well it compliments the fireplace.